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Gansito (Spanish "little goose"), is a Mexican snack cake, which is similar to the American Twinkie or Russian Syrok ("Сырок" - Russian "little cheese"), with the exception of strawberry jelly along with the creamy filling and that it is covered in chocolate (this is reminiscent of the standard Syrok) with chocolate sprinkle topping. It is sold in the United States and Mexico. It was created in 1957 by Marinela (the pastries division of the breadmaking brand Bimbo). Gansito was one of the first three products to emerge from this brand. This specific snack cake is heavily marketed, possibly more than any other Bimbo product, which includes white and whole wheat bread, cereal bars, pound cakes and several other cakes, and various pastries, cookies and wafers.

A customer left this review on a Gansito forum, "Quite frankly, I was truly hoping to love this one; it does so much so well that it almost makes its faults seem worse than they actually are. Because I didn't dislike it, I was just disappointed somehow. So, sorry Marinela (and Grupo Bimbo by association), but this one didn't give me goosebumps."


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